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Children’s Party Entertainer

Make your house the house

of fun!

Bertie Slippers  has been entertaining children

in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and beyond, since 2008.  With events ranging

from small private parties, to Schools, Pre-schools and large public events.  Offering a range of activities

including hilarious magic tricks, cute animal puppets, dancing, music, high-energy games and balloons,

primarily aimed at 3-6 year olds.

Children of different ages need very different activities to keep them entertained, so each party is different depending on the ages, number of children and their likes/dislikes.  A typical party format might be a 60 minute show, which would include some fun magic tricks (where children are sitting, and participating in the fun), some running around games to music, more fun magic and puppets, and high-energy activities/dancing to music (either well-known pop songs, or live ukulele music). For younger children, singing “Sleeping Bunnies” along with the ukulele, is always a BIG hit! After around an hour of entertaining, children are often ready for the party food which you have prepared, and whilst they are re-fuelling, and if you wish, Bertie Slippers could make balloons for each child before leaving (these tend to be simple, quick balloons, to save any long boring queues) which they can then play with for the remainder of the party. A normal party booking would be 1 hour plus balloons, or you may wish to book just 1 hour, or extend this to 2 hours – please discuss rates and requirements at the time of booking.
Bertie Slippers
Welcome to the House Of Fun - your house!”