BERTIE SLIPPERS – Children’s Entertainer

When my daughter had her 3rd birthday party, I realised that it can be difficult to find the perfect party entertainment. Something to keep the children happy and laughing, but also something which the parents can enjoy too! I started to learn some magic tricks, and spent many a long evening making balloon models (much to my family’s annoyance!) – lots of squeaking and popping! Soon, I found myself performing at parties for local pre-schools, toddler groups, fetes/festivals and private birthday parties.

My life changed, and “Bertie Slippers” was born – entertainer to families around Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, since 2009! Please see below for further information and some well-meaning advice.

Dance Dance Dance!

As a guide, a 1 hour party within a 10 miles radius of Nettlebed would normally be £140.00, including a balloon for every child – I normally keep these simple (sword/wand/flower/hat), to avoid the tiresome queue – who wants to wait in line for ages, when you’ve got a party to go to?!  This would be a 40-minute show and 20 minutes for balloons (or can do 1 hour show with no balloons if you prefer).

I am happy to cover a wider area, and the price would be adjusted accordingly.  Each party is different, but a format I find works well would be:

  • Choose a venue with parking, if possible (I would need to park close by, due to the equipment I will have), and 1100-1300 hrs or 1500-1700 hrs tends to work well
  • Bertie Slippers will then entertain the children (magic, dancing, puppets, games) and make the balloons (1 hour in total, or see below for 2 hour option)
  • Children stop for party food and refreshments
  • Party host then plays own music for remainder of the party (normally very easy these days with a phone playlist and a bluetooth speaker).  Or, I can stay for the remaining time and provide the music/disco lights for you (2 hours would be £200.00 in local area).
  • I would also advise not filling the room with free-roaming balloons at the beginning, and also to keep any bouncy castles out of use during the show (these can be distracting for children).
  • A separate area for parents/carers is also advisable, as background noise and chatter can also make it hard for the children to hear me, and we then get into a vicious circle of who can talk loudest (and I can be pretty loud, when I need to be)!
  • At the time of booking, please discuss any preferences you may have, and I am always happy to adapt my show as necessary, and to be as helpful as possible.  I am also very attentive to any special issues which may need to be taken into account, such as fear of loud noises, mobility issues, etc.
  • I am happy to accept payment on the day (cash or bank transfer/PayPal).